When good Americans die, they go to Paris

Oscar Wild believed Paris to be an earthly heaven. Well… can you doubt him? I visited Paris a few months ago and I was stunned. I am a person who loves the arts so, Paris was the place to get me ecstatic over the museums, the galleries, the theaters and even the street artists.

paris top.jpg

Paris is absolutely magical. That’s why I must point out the creme de la creme of the things I saw! If you have the chance to visit it, don’t hesitate. Get on a plane or a train and go experience one of the most magical places on earth.

I was lucky enough to visit Shakespeare and Company, the famous bookstore, which I now call “my very favorite place on earth”. I adore bookstores in general… but the atmosphere in that one had me amazed. The smell of paper, the old flat of stairs, the piano and my personal ultimate dream: a desk in front of a window with a typewriter on it. If I could stay there forever, I surely would but I promised to revisit as soon as I can.


On my second night in the City of Light, being a Jazz lover, I went for a drink at the Sunset Jazz Bar. If you are also a jazz fun, you will never forget a night there. Such brilliant vintage atmosphere and a group of brilliant musicians playing the classic hits that we adore.

What can I say about Centre Pompidou? It is a must see but if you love modern art, you will be fascinated by more classic-modern pieces – such as Picasso and Miro – but also you’ll be given the chance to discover new artists. It is a sensational journey that takes you from artist to artist and from era to era. The architecture of the museum is also something to admire!

modern art.jpeg

Walking the streets of Paris was magnificent. I advise you to walk as much as you can even if it’s cold. The atmosphere and the colors are the most beautiful part of the trip. Rainy or sunny, Paris is as beautiful as no piece of art. No wonder it inspired so many great minds…

have a magical day


glance at the sky

by Elena Ktenopoulou

Unhappy the land that is in need of heroes

As Bertolt Brecht said in Galileo it’s not the place  that lacks heroes the one that is unhappy, but the one that needs them. Living in 2017, a time of a worldwide ethical (mostly!) crisis ,where do you look for guidance? I never believed in right and wrong  as fixed forms that apply in every situation. I am not looking for what’s right, I am looking for what’s better though.


We are so lost in the endless circle of our routine, longing for Sunday… Scrawling down a Facebook page as a break from worrying, isolating ourselves in big rooms full of people who can’t hear each other because of the loud music. Is this the life you used to dream  of?

We tend to wait for someone to break us out of this. We constantly hope for the arrival of another parent who will clean up the mess that we made of ourselves and make it ok. But in a world that is falling  apart around us – and where people have to turn their feelings and compassion off in order to succeed or even survive! – who is that hero to take responsibility and make a change?

Step by step we can each build the foundation for a humanity that doubts more and for people who are not afraid to become the heroes they’ve been asking for. Allow yourself to be free and not always go along because everyone does. Be different.

have a magical day and doubt more!


glance at the sky

by Elena Ktenopoulou

*in the picture, there is part of a painting by Pablo Picasso. It was taken in Paris.

“I don’t want realism. I want magic! Yes, yes, magic!”

If you love Tennessee Williams as much as I do, you already smiled because you recognized the quote from a Streetcar Named Desire. Don’t we all have a few drops of Blanche DuBois somewhere inside us? A little dreamer who can’t go along with the world around them and aches to escape in their own way…

i don't want realism

I am still wondering though… What really is “realism” and what separates it from “magic”? Aren’t there parts of one in the other? Let’s define realism as everyday life and everything that goes with it – the struggles, the routine, the alarm that goes off on Monday morning etc…. I am not by any means implying that getting up at 6:30 a.m. on a Monday is poetic, don’t get me wrong but… smiling to your neighbor, who also just got out of his apartment with a thermos in his hand, their hair still messed up and an expression that looks exactly like yours, is kind of poetic. It’s what I call “magic” because even if that only lasted for a moment, you’ll both forget it in the next sixty seconds and get on with your days, it was enough to make you feel you’re not alone.

Magic is hidden in the details. The people who know how to find it, find happiness easily. So learn to enjoy the little moments and learn to observe and appreciate. Bring along the people around you and get them to smile more. And if they’re still grumpy complaining endlessly about that alarm that has to go off on a Monday morning, that’ ok. You can always rely on the kindness of strangers.

(I am winking at you at the moment)

have a magical day!

glance at the sky

by Elena Ktenopoulou