Dear reader,

you happened to run into this blog but you don’t really know what it’s about. Let me clear things out for you.




My name is Elena and I am the editor of this blog (yes, I am the girl who appears to have gone mad in the picture above. I assure you, it’s nothing to worry about. That’s my natural state of being.). I always write. I write about what’s on my mind or what I see around me. So I made the big decision to start a blog that will be just right for that. Like Biscuits and tea is a space where we can discuss pretty much anything, like if we sat down for a cup of tea with warm biscuits on a rainy afternoon.




How can you know what the blog is about if you know nothing of me?

I just turned 22. I study theatre at the university and I love to travel. I have a handful of dreams and interests. I love psychology, philosophy and music. I cannot describe my admiration for the arts… My favourite colour is red and my favourite kind of tea is chamomile… I never know what to say when I describe myself. There’s a mess in my head.  Sometimes that’s good for writers.

I hope I’ll get to know you as well. You can always leave a comment to say hi or anything that’s on your mind. I hope you’ll find Like Biscuits and Tea to be an interesting place to visit. I’ll be more than glad to see you around.

have a magical day,