Spaces, places and in betweens

The other day in class we were discussing about the relationship between the therapist and the client and how you assess certain things about a person you hardly know. I raised my hand to answer the question and the only thing I could think of was, that it is impossible to predict that, if you haven’t been in that space in between.

What I was referring to was that place, the distance between two people when they look at each other and talk and what happens there. After the lesson as I was returning home, I found myself noticing those places, the in betweens of people around me. A husband with his wife on the train, a father with his daughter walking, two strangers only talking to each other to ask a question about directions. All the in betweens seemed so unique, so different from each other. As unique as the people who created them.

In the days that followed, the in betweens were everywhere around me and I started realising that thy develop and alter according to the situation and the two – or more – people involved. Because one person’s in between with their best friend is usually very different from the in between with someone they just met even though it is the same person. So it is strictly related to the roles we take on and the masks we wear. But still… that place is somewhat more genuine than the mask itself since it is the only place that gives you the potential to sense and to possibly figure out how much of that mask is real.

The in between is the land where our relationships are built on. Sometimes steady and strong and sometimes shaky and rocky. It is the land of potential abοut where a person will take you, what you’ll give and what you’ll get in return. It is where the exchange happens. And it’s where you change and what informs how the rest in betweens in your life will be.

I looked around to glance at the in betweens I’ve created and how they reshape every day, how time and space alters them. How even one tiny word can change them entirely. It can create them or delete them all at once. And when I looked I found that all the joy and the pain in my life came from those.

So In Between is aplace that’s magical. It’s full of possibility, curiosity and yeah.. it’s a great place to be in!

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