When the world is empty

There are these rare moments you find your self completely absorbed by something. It could be a conversation with a friend, a film at the cinema, a daydream or even cooking dinner. For that moment, you forget about everything. The questions seem to not exist. You’re only in the moment and the world is empty.

I’ve come to believe those moments make up happiness. The more you can have in your life, the happier you end up being.

They can never be forced. You can try to create them, but unless the time is right, something will be holding you back from completely surrendering to them. And that surrender happens almost without you noticing. Almost behind your back.

You only know a moment like this after it’s passed. A little irony that makes it even more special.

Once in a blue moon, though… something happens and you recognise it on the spot. Usually when you think to yourself “Let this never end.” It could be a night you spend with an old friend or five minutes in the morning before you hit the snooze button for the fifth time. The moments when you can appreciate and cherish what you have.

Go on! Fill your life with those!

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