Like we used to do

Have you ever seen that brilliant Woody Allen film, Midnight in Paris, where the main character travels in time to what he thinks was a better, more creative time than his own and by the end, he comes to discover that every age and time is pretty much the same?

If that’s the case, though, why is it we romanticise the past so much? Why is it we think yesterday is always better? Is it because we are never happy with what we have, so not having any clue about what the future holds, we end up worshipping the safety of the past. The struggles we’ve already been through and know how to handle. Is the familiar all we ask for in life or is it what actually makes us unhappy?

When something becomes familiar, we tend to find the flaws in it. People are beings who like to learn and to explore. We naturally enjoy that. We also enjoy the safety, though. So, what happens when we are stuck in the familiar, we long for change but never have the courage to pursue it, afraid as we are that we are going to lose all we have managed to make familiar for ourselves. Do we turn to look at the past and idolise what we used to be?

So, is the past so perfect or has it been romanticised by the passing of time and is our present what we are going to be nostalgic about in the future? I think, yes.

It is actually very difficult to focus on the small positive details when we have to handle so much every day. Timetables, deadlines, duties, people’s expectations, self-regulation and self -care (Yes, that last one was a joke! No time for that!) and the not-knowing of the future… it all adds up to make our daily activities full of stress and uncertainty.

I don’t think there is much to do about it, I think it’s how centuries of life have gone by. But I think it’s worth try looking at the present with a positive attitude and enjoy the little things, the new season of our favourite series coming up, a friend coming to visit, our favourite song playing when we didn’t expect it or even just an ice-cream once in a while (There is this ice-cream place in Covent Garden, yes, it’s more on the more expensive side but… it’s divine! I tried it last week and I still can’t get over it! If you’re in London, go!).

I think that’s all it takes. Appreciate what you have, even if it’s not all that you used to have or all you’ve ever wanted. It’s still valuable!

Have a magical day,

by Elena Ktenopoulou

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