Against all expectations

2019 has arrived. It brought with it all the hopes and wishes as every new year does. Anything “new” is filled with expectation. Sometimes negative but mostly positive. This year, I realised I find this set of expectations that come with every new year a little funny.

Change is wonderful. Change is hard. But… I am one of those people who believe that you must step out of your comfort zone once in a while – always towards the direction of something you really want! – and that even though change demands a lot of energy and strength, it always gives something back. People usually like change in theory. We like to daydream of it, we like to use it as a threat, we like to believe that it will happen sometime in the future. We are, most of the time, bad at bringing it into our lives here and now. At least most of us are. Because it’s scary.

A new year arrives bringing all the expectations for the much-anticipated change and when you are standing at the beginning a year seems enough time but it usually isn’t. We see a new year as a new opportunity to go the extra step we’ve been desiring.

Speaking from personal experience, there have been many times I haven’t accomplished any of my “new years resolutions” and that’s because the change is not actual. On the first of January every year, I wake up the same person I was on the thirty first of December. So, when we actually want change to come in our lives, is the new year enough of a motivation?

In my opinion, no. It all depends on you. Don’t depend on the new year to be a reminder of the life you want to build for yourself. Go a little further towards who you want to become every day of the year and make up new resolutions if the old ones don’t seem to express who you are anymore, at any month. July is just as good for new beginnings as January is.

It’s all what we make of it so, let’s make every single day of this year good for change and for once let’s dare to step out of what we are used to. Take a risk. You might thank yourself later. If you don’t, that’s fine too!

have a magical year,

by Elena Ktenopoulou

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