Christmas anticipation

It’s childish, ok? Let’s address that now. I know, but it’s part of the fun. 

Yep. I love Christmas! I love the lights and the songs. I love how we start thinking about what our friends will like for a present. It’s a time about gathering and being with each other. 

Although.. I think that all of the magic is hidden in the anticipation. Late November when the lights start going up and everyone is . just casually asking “any plans for Christmas this year?”. You don’t really know what you’ll be doing yet and there are so many possibilities. It’s a time for celebration and fun and smiles and colours and we need that because most of the time the world is grey. 

But why is it important? Why do we keep the tradition going? Well, in my view, it is clear that we need more of that childish excitement in our lives. It is a time when we are all allowed to become children again, going ice-scatting, singing or actually showing love to the people around you. We tend to forget to do that and it is important for something to remind us.

The domesticity of it is what makes it different. Yes, the streets are full of people and everyone moves fast but it is all directed towards that kitchen table where you will seat with family and friends. A type of ritual, if you like. And its nice because families make up their own traditions and they all become part of the bigger thing. It’s a time about joy and gratitude. 

I will not go into the over consumerism story! It is a serious problem. And we all must be aware of it and try to think critically when it comes to buying decorations and party clothes. But… if you can, spend an extra penny to help someone else or to make someone happy. Not only on December….

Have a magical day,

by Elena Ktenopoulou 

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