The secret box of all the ideas that never came to life


They come. They usually walk in without knocking. They come anywhere. On the train, at school during the lesson, while I’m brushing my teeth and even right before I fall asleep. Some of them good and some bad. Some seem good when I first encounter them and then they turn out to be quite bad.

I used to get excited with every single idea that popped into my head but I’ve learnt to ignore the bad ones, the trivial ones, the impractical ones, those that will require too much of my time, the silly ones – of course! -, those out of my comfort zone, the ones that cost too much, the ones that are doomed to fail and many more categories of ideas.


So, of all the ideas that come to my head, a good 90% of them goes to trash or… if it seems like something with potential but “I don’t have enough time and money and people to support me at the moment”, it goes to the Secret Box of All The Ideas that Never Came to Life. I’m sure you’ve heard of it! What? No? But don’t you have one of your own? Oh! I see… you might know it as the Box of Postponed Ideas! Mine used to be called that but I thought I’d change the label to something that is… true.

We tend to consider ourselves incapable of actually pursuing a fantasy, something that is a little further away from what we are used to. We tend to think it’s childish and it probably will never go as planned. If we try something we are not sure we CAN do, the chances are we’ll fail. And if we do, we’ll be labelled as “The Failure”, “The Person Who Tried But Couldn’t”, so we never really try.


I know it is impossible to try and do anything that comes to our heads but I am sure that between all the actually silly ideas that come to us every day,  there must be some really good ones that are worth trying out or at least giving a second thought to. I know everyday life can be a lot to handle and I know that most of the time we look for ways to have less to worry about, not more. But try and pay more attention to what just comes to your head.

You actually might find some gems in that little box of ideas that never came to life…

Have a magical day,


by Elena Ktenopoulou

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