It’s been a month – a love letter to London

I know. I haven’t uploaded for over a month. It’s the longest I’ve stayed away. It has although been a month since I moved to London. All the craziness of moving to a foreign, big City explains the absence.

London is greater than I hoped and I am fearlessly calling it the love of my life, including everything! The train delays, the crowded streets, the noisy neighbourhoods, the traffic jams and the getting-dark-far-too-early-for-what-I’m-used-to! It makes up for all of it just by being!

I don’t pretend that everything is perfect here. Sometimes as I’m walking underground trying to find my train, I look at people walking fast with no expression on their faces. I know they have a million things in their minds but they seem…. empty. Same pace. Every day. They don’ stop to look around them. There are musicians everywhere. I stop and smile. They always smile back and look like my smile just came unexpectedly when no one stops to listen.


My days are full of classes, reading and laundry but I take one day a week. I call it my exploration day. Usually, I have a plan either with a friend or just by myself, when I need to clear my head from all the encounters and just be. I go out and explore something I’ve never seen before. It could be a play, a garden,  an area, a bar or a day trip to a town close by. It’s what I look forward to every week and what I plan on my lunch breaks.

This city has always something new to offer. Possibly, something that fits any mood or any interest! Nights are magical if you’re in the mood to stay up late. There is always an artist who you might enjoy. Last Tuesday, I stayed up dancing to the tunes of a favourite of mine with great company and a huge cup of beer!


I had New York Cheesecake instead of dinner in a fancy restaurant with a friend and we talked for hours about life after taking a walk by the river.  I walked the lanes of Portobello Market where a street musician was playing my favourite song – a moment of complete happiness! – and came home with my arms full of fresh groceries.

I’m lucky because the people I’ve met so far are lovely and because my new home is cosy and worm. I know life here can be overwhelming, fast and that when you’re running to catch your train you easily forget to smile at the musician. But… I now call London my home in those moments too.

Have a magical day,


by Elena Ktenopoulou


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