last day of summer thoughts…

Summer is over.

Summers are confusing. You never really know what lingers after they end. They are more like a bracket, a break… Sometimes, when they’re good, they transform you, like travelling in a far away place. Other times, the heat leaves you passive and bored, siking a little action. One day you find yourself flirting till you drop in the day and filling your night with kisses that taste like the combination of five different cocktails and the next you just relax all alone in your balcony with a book and your feet carelessly placed on that little bamboo coffee table, which you paid way too much for!


Autumn, to me, means new. This year, autumn means newer than ever!

September of 2018 is about goodbyes for the most part and a little bit of a big, fat, life-changing hello! Why? Well, this month I’m leaving behind my house, where I’ve lived for the past five years (basically, all my adult life!), my family and the people I love, the streets I walked since I was born, even the language I speak! I’m making a dream come true! I’m moving away.

Coming to the end of an era in your life brings you to realizations. It makes you distance yourself from things that are not worthy of your time and brings you closer to appreciating the simple things you forgot to be grateful for, from knowing with absolute certainty which bus goes where to family dinners, which you know will be much rarer now.



Oh, the things I’ll have now that I never had before! Exploration awaits! A time of big discoveries is ahead of me and that makes me both scared and crazy excited! Goodbyes are a magic thing. They are real bridges taking you from the one side of the river to another. They don’t have to be permanent but the sure thing is you can never go back to the way you were this summer. Because next summer, you’ll be a different person.

So, use autumn and winter to become better, fuller and don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and get what you want. It’s the way to grow and yes, usually it involves a lot of goodbyes and a lot of doubt.

Saying goodbye to the summer and going back to your routine isn’t easy. Saying goodbye to people is even harder but embracing your new self that comes from that process is all you need to do. So, dance it off on rooftops, while it’s still warm and sing out loud at the beach with your friends. But find the way to let the season that’s passed go and step in the new one with a huge smile and the best intentions.


After all, life is full of circles – as everyone who’s seen the Lion King knows! – and summer will come again. For now, start counting down to Christmas – I know I have!


Have a magical day,


by Elena Ktenopoulou





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