One cloudy morning she changed the world

She walked the street as she had never walked it before. Like it was the first time and like she hadn’t been crossing it every day for the past seventeen years. Today was different. It can always be different when you’re eighteen. It’s a matter of a decision, a mindset, a thought. Changing your life is not impossible.

Her short skirt made her legs a little cold. She wore a scarf tied in a bow around her ponytail and she carried a cross body bag. It used to be the one she took to school every day but now, school was over and the bag would have remained empty if she hadn’t filled it with dreams and wishes and courage and curiosity.

She’d leave. Finally. Today. She had daydreamed about this moment more than once. Maybe more times than she could count that’s why it felt surreal. It was almost like she could see herself from the outside or from a movie theatre holding a big bowl of popcorn. But no. This was not a film nor a fantasy. It was her life and she had decided it was time to start living it according to her own standards. The plan was to run away and make her one and only dream come true. It was a simple dream.

To change the world.

It is really not that hard to change the world if you think about it. Small actions of kindness, a smile to a random person, who by chance happens to be needing it most in the world. That’s what she’d be looking to find. She’d travel. She’d get to know life everywhere.

Leaving a life behind isn’t easy and she chose not to make her departure harder with goodbyes and tears. That’s why she was sneaking out at 6:00 am with an expression of uncertainty but pure excitement and fulfilment in her eyes.

She stood for a moment and gazed at the sun that was coming out. Like yesterday. Like tomorrow. She walked and got lost after she turned in the corner.

From what I have learnt so far from my own journey, the biggest moments in life are the ones when you can’t tell whether fear or excitement is more intense within you. When those two are exploding inside my heart, I know I am on the right path.

No life changing decision is easy. No big step will come completely naturally but those will be the ones to make a difference. The big ones. The hard ones that contain both doubt and excitement.

I don’t believe in total stability. I like change. It’s scary and sometimes it seems impossible but we weren’t made to settle. Taking chances to see where the road leads is natural, as natural as human curiosity. It could be anything, really. That big step. Each person has different things in their world they would change. Changing the world could start by changing your world for the better. It would be so easy if everyone took care of their own part of this wonderful masterpiece.

That’s why I will ask you not to settle. Fill your bags with your deepest desires and go out there to see them come alive. Fear is natural. Sometimes it’s even useful but don’t let it keep you away from trying.

I’m sure there’s something small you could improve tomorrow. Try not to postpone it another day.

If you are kind to others and follow your dreams, there is nothing more I would advise you to do.

have a magical day,


by Elena Ktenopoulou


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