Before 30

Have goals. Know where you’re going. Allow yourself to let out that inner compass fearlessly, without being scared of what will happen if you fail or change your mind. Like the one Jack Sparrow had, which points to what you want the most, even if it’s hard to admit it to yourself. Sometimes it’s something obvious and other times it’s something hidden in our subconscious. We shut it up and we forget to listen to what we really want, I like to set goals and I like to change them when I realize they are not really what I want.

Motivation is key to whatever you want to do. It’s one of the most important ingredients in the recipe of success. Some small and some big. I love making lists of goals. The most important one is the one with the basics. The one that paints a picture of your life as you imagine it without filters of “what’s possible”. That will come later.

If you are a person who is struggling to find a purpose an finds it difficult to imagine themselves in the future, it’s totally normal. Now, if you want to do it, you can start creating an image. This could have the place you’d want to live in as a basis, the job you’d like to do or even the lifestyle you prefer. Anything could be used as first inspiration, then fill in the gaps.

In my main  Before I’m 30 list, there are things such as being completely financially independent, to be doing something I love, workwise and feel like I am contributing to the field or to have travelled to places in at least three different continents and to be able to express myself artistically in the theatre. I have many more lists of different things I also want to do.  Maybe they are details such as learn to draw better or spend a night on the beach under the stars but this one is helping me navigate and show me my next steps.

I am fully aware that this list might change with time and that is a key. It’s wrong to stick to things we used to want just because we are afraid to say we changed our minds. Actually, maturing means changing. So, there is a big chance by the time I’m 30 in 7 years, some of these will not be there. But the real goal is to fill the list with what you actually want at the moment and start walking towards that place with small steps every day.

Even if only two of the nine things I have on my list come true, I’ll be happy about it. And if I have really tried and failed in some others, I will know it probably wasn’t for me. Chace your dreams fearlessly and if they change, do not hesitate to change your direction. Isn’t your ultimate goal happiness, after all?

have a magical day,



by Elena Ktenopoulou






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