Sometimes the escape you were looking for isn’t that far…

When you live in a country as hot as Greece is, it usually gets intolerable to stay in town during the hot months. So, this weekend we decided to visit a nearby place for some time to relax and have fun. I wanted to share the beautiful moments and encourage you to pack your bags and get away from the place you live even if you’re able to do it for only a day.



Usually, we forget how important it is to leave our busy lives behind us for a while and shut down our phones. Nature is therapeutic and as well as we might know that, we tend to ignore it. Whether you live in a place that is near the sea – which is perfect for summer- or somewhere that is not, you could always visit friends, or even go camping somewhere you’ve never been before. Exploring a new place will fill your mind with positive thoughts and it will instantly reduce your stress.

Sometimes even a few hours with no wi-fi and good friends or even just a great book – yeah! It can be even better than people! – is more than you need. You’ll return home ready for a productive week and with a smile on your face! …not to mention the fun memories!


That is likely to happen because when you are in a new environment, you automatically feel like the “real world” is kind of “in a galaxy far far away”, so that takes your head off all the negativity and “musts” of your week.


Use this as a little reminder of what you’ve been missing out on! So, what are you waiting for? Grab a bag and fill it with the essentials: sun-cream, appropriate-weather-clothes, i-pod or MP3 – music is required! – a ticket to the place you want to go and maybe a camera. Off you go!

After all, it’s Sunday! You have no excuse!


Have a magical day,


by Elena Ktenopoulou




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