Today, it started to get warm. I put on my denim jacket instead of my coat. It was enough to keep me from getting cold.  The rest of my clothes were all white and there is sunshine all over. Spring is here.

Spring was never my favourite season. I always found it boring. While Autumn and Winter are full of new beginnings and choices, spring always looked empty in my eyes. I live in a place where Spring is way rainier than Winter for the most part and also… I kind of always had a feeling that nothing exciting ever happens during it. Although, this year, I had a change of heart!

This spring has been completely different than any other in my life so far. So many new things are happening, this leads me to look at it with different eyes. So, I may have not known it before but spring really is the season of rebirth. Not only in terms of nature but also for ourselves.

flowers tent

Usually, spring finds you either very happy with what you’ve accomplished or disappointed because the Winter months of hard work haven’t paid off for some reason. We’ve all been there. And as the warm months begin and your head is already up in the clouds and you can’t wait for the evening to come with the breeze and walk by the beach, it’s not yet the time for the summer holidays so you still have a lot of things to do. I know! It’s impossible to prioritize when it’s hot out!

So, as everything begins to get all colourful around you, you find the inspiration you needed and usually, even if the months that passed have been difficult and unfair, the surroundings itself gives you the willpower to start fresh as everything around you does. It’s the right time to set goals (who says we must only do it on New – Years?)

It is always a good time to start fresh! Even more so when everything around you does. So, let the sunshine in and don’t be afraid to leave the grey past behind you. It’s time for colour.


  • I know this is not our regular meeting day! We usually have Biscuits and Tea on Sundays but I was away. Still! You get a bonus. One post today and one on Sunday! “Cheers – Cheers”!


have a magical day,


by Elena Ktenopoulou


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