A picture is a poem without words

Horace compared pictures to a poem more than two thousand years ago. If you decide to grab a few books and walk the lanes of History of Art, or even better travel and visit as many museums as possible, you will find out what kind of power a picture can hide. I’ve stood in front of a Picasso, a Van Gogh, a Kandinsky, a Monet or a Miro painting and it was different every time. Others made my heart beat faster, others had me stunned and speechless, staring at them for twenty minutes and other just didn’t touch anything inside me that longed to be touched.


I live in a small town that’s not really pretty. The images I see every day around me are not inspiring. There’s no great architecture, beautiful colors or green parks with lakes. A few years ago I started noticing the little pieces of art that bring a pop of joy in this dull town: graffiti!


Graffiti is very underrated. I’ve seen a lot of beautiful pieces of art in museums and I have to say that some graffiti has moved me equally, sometimes even more. Why do we  walk next to such brilliant works every day, not paying attention? Why do we tend to wait for something to find a place in a wall of a museum in order to call it “art”? Why not walk to work and give yourself the chance to be aesthetically pleased by something that is right next to you and it’s free!

An old and ugly building can turn into something interesting and cheerful. Maybe, in some way the painting that makes a whole town more beautiful to look at can be more important t than the one hanging in a wall of a museum.

We learnt to love everything imprisoned, maybe because it reminds us of ourselves. See the magic in what’s free. Art is everywhere! Learn to notice and appreciate it.


have a magical day,


glance at the sky

by Elena Ktenopoulou

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