Unhappy the land that is in need of heroes

As Bertolt Brecht said in Galileo it’s not the place  that lacks heroes the one that is unhappy, but the one that needs them. Living in 2017, a time of a worldwide ethical (mostly!) crisis ,where do you look for guidance? I never believed in right and wrong  as fixed forms that apply in every situation. I am not looking for what’s right, I am looking for what’s better though.


We are so lost in the endless circle of our routine, longing for Sunday… Scrawling down a Facebook page as a break from worrying, isolating ourselves in big rooms full of people who can’t hear each other because of the loud music. Is this the life you used to dream  of?

We tend to wait for someone to break us out of this. We constantly hope for the arrival of another parent who will clean up the mess that we made of ourselves and make it ok. But in a world that is falling  apart around us – and where people have to turn their feelings and compassion off in order to succeed or even survive! – who is that hero to take responsibility and make a change?

Step by step we can each build the foundation for a humanity that doubts more and for people who are not afraid to become the heroes they’ve been asking for. Allow yourself to be free and not always go along because everyone does. Be different.

have a magical day and doubt more!


glance at the sky

by Elena Ktenopoulou

*in the picture, there is part of a painting by Pablo Picasso. It was taken in Paris.

Author: likebiscuitsandtea

I like to write, I like to read and I like to eat. I study Theatre - which I call "the love of my life" but I am also very interested in every form of art as well as psychology and philosophy. I have no idea where the road will take me, I just know that - being an introverted individual - I have a tone of not-yet-verbalized stuff going on in my head. Maybe you're thinking the same... That's why I decided to let it all out in a creative space like this. I hope you find what I write interesting. have a magical day...

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